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While most of the business in Singapore are still operating in the traditional way, more and more thoughtful and forward-thinking businesses or entrepreneurs are looking into digitizing their business concepts. At Ads Marketing, we are more than willing to listen, advise, and help to craft out your desired web application to fulfill the dream. Web application development is a blend of WordPress website design & development and backend operation process system development services that we are providing. It possesses not only nice UI/UX frontend to face the public, but also more complicated backend algorithm and logic to handle advance request and algorithm.

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If you are looking to enhance your business digital presence to succeed in the industry, let’s give us a try. With the help of our experience in understanding your need & request fast, we are confident that your desired web application will be developed in a smooth and professional way. Here’s what we can help:

  • Various kind of interactive web portals
  • Custom coded E-Commerce Online Shop (Not template Woo-commerce)
  • The custom-coded interactive web application
  • Front end responsive website with membership algorithm
  • Front end responsive website with booking functions
  • Any of your great idea. Let’s talk!

We can either modify the standard WordPress functions to be more accommodating to your needs or we can even develop entire new functions for your usage.

For some of our custom coding web applications, we are using PHP Laravel as the programming language.

We will be happy to have a discussion with you if you need our custom development of web applications.

Our Web Application Development Process

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Requirement Gathering

A detailed discussion with the client about the web application requirements and detailed system workflow.

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Planning & Conceptualisation

Web application sitemap, blueprint, and wireframe creation based on 1st requirement gathering.

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Design & Mock Up

Web application front end and back end UI/UX design and mockup creation.

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Coding & Development

Web application coding of both front end and back end.

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User Assessment Testing

User testing at developer server. Preview of pre-launch condition.

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Web Application Live

Completion of the Web Application Development Project and Launch plus full functionality-test of the web app in the client’s web domain.

Brick by brick, we are going to construct a solid house for your digital fantasy. We build precise yet humanised web application to cater for you and your clients. Without compromising the quality of the work, we will put our customer budget in mind. So, talk to us to check out if our web application development service suit your need and monetory concern now!

You should always keep in mind that a web application development project doesn’t just start with coding and end with web app live. There is continuous improvement needed to make sure the seamless operation of the web application after it is launched. We will always be your best partner to work with to maintain your application and business. Your desired web development partner in Malaysia and Singapore.


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